Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Marble breakfast tray tutorial

I've always loved the look of marble and recently discovered that there is such a thing as marble contact paper. Who knew?! You can get the look of polished marble for an affordable price of $7, and it's not as heavy as a real marble slab. I'm not saying I would stick this paper all over my kitchen or bathroom counters but for smaller decor items like this breakfast tray, this contact paper was perfect.
Read on for the tutorial!

 I found this tray at a thrift store and knew I wanted to spruce it up and repaint it. I had some gold spray paint in my garage (because you never know when you might need it!) and sprayed the handles and corner hardware with a few coats and let it air dry. 

Then I painted 3 coats of latex white paint on the exterior of the tray.

Finally, the last step was to measure out the contact paper, unpeel the backing, and carefully smooth it into place. The nice thing about contact paper is that if you need to readjust after already pressing the paper down into place, it's easy to lift and redo it so that it fits perfectly. This is definitely a 2-person job because I used a credit card to smooth out the bubbles while my husband held the paper in place.

A brand new tray with a marble interior! I've actually been using it in the nursery to corral baby essentials like diapers, wipes, pacifiers, etc.

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