Sunday, January 22, 2017

Felt floral baby headband and felt baby bowtie tutorials

While waiting for baby to make her grand entrance into the world, I decided to do a quick last-minute craft: floral baby headbands! We'll see how long she tolerates wearing one when I put it on her head before she figures out how to pull it off.
Click below for the tutorial!
Materials needed:
  • Felt in various colors (I chose purple, pink, white, and yellow)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Skinny elastic (available at any craft store like Michaels)

1. Cut elastic into desired length--I chose to make mine 15 inches long. I used this baby head circumference guide:
Newborn: 12-13.5 inches     
0-1 years: 14.5 inches
1-6 years: 15.5 inches

2. Place small dot of glue using the hot glue gun to make a loop with the elastic by overlapping the ends.

3. Cut felt into flowers. I used this free template for the larger flowers with yellow centers. For the smaller flowers I used this template from the Mama Says Sew blog

4. Hot glue the flowers onto the elastic (cover up the overlapping areas where you made the elastic into a loop). 

And just like that---three pretty floral headbands for baby girl! Rolling the felt into the flowers was probably the most time-consuming part of this project. You can speed up the process by buying pre-made silk flowers and gluing them onto the elastic.

After my coworker saw the floral headbands she requested an elastic bowtie for her baby boy. The materials are the same as the ones needed for the baby girl headbands.
1. Cut felt into a 6 inch by 2 inch rectangle. Also cut a felt strip that is 1 inch by 2 inches (this will be the middle piece)
2. Cut elastic into desired length (I chose to cut it 10 inches to fit a baby boy's neck circumference/shirt collar). 
3. Fold felt rectangle in half so that it becomes 3 inches by 2 inches. Sew the ends together and flip it inside out so that the seam faces inwards
4. Pinch rectangle and wrap the 1'' x 2'' piece of felt around the middle. Hot glue this middle piece so that it holds the bow securely in this shape
5. Thread the elastic through the loop in the back. Or just hot glue the bow directly onto the elastic. 
I can't wait to see my baby wearing the headband, and my friend's baby wearing his little bowtie!

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