Wednesday, April 27, 2016

First wedding anniversary --paper gift

A few months ago my friend asked me to make a quilled Golden Gate bridge for her first wedding anniversary. They had their honeymoon in SF last year and they loved it so much that they are going back to California again this summer! Since it was their first wedding anniversary, they decided to follow the wedding anniversary tradition of gifting something made of paper. I made a similar quilled project last year for my sister and decided to make one for them too.
Read on for more details! 

 I drew out the Golden Gate bridge first and shaped the numbers first. Many episodes of Gilmore Girls were watched while waiting for each piece to dry.
 After the structure of the bridge was finished, I started adding the ocean "waves" around the wedding date to make it really pop.

Here's a GIF showing the progression of the project:

Lastly I framed it in a shadowbox from Michaels. At this point I'm now on the last season of Gilmore Girls! I'm happy with how the numbers turned out because I haven't tried numbers before. This framed quilling will be hung up on a gallery wall along my friend's staircase and I can't wait to see how it looks with all the other photos she printed of her honeymoon in San Francisco!


  1. A wonderful first anniversary paper gift idea and I must say that it’s a cute creation. I am getting married pretty soon and going to have a small family party at one of private Chicago wedding venues. Looking for venue options currently.

    1. Thank you! Good luck with wedding planning!