Sunday, July 5, 2015

Gardening tool organizer from upcycled door

One year ago my husband and I moved into our townhouse in North Carolina after driving all the way from Saint Louis, MO. We miss Saint Louis and our friends there dearly but have been adjusting well to life in beautiful NC. One of the perks of living in a townhome community where the builders just recently finished constructing the last row of houses is that they have extra unwanted leftover pieces of wood, like this pantry door which has a crack through the side (not pictured below). 

My poor husband had to endure this old door sitting around in our garage for several months before I finally came up with a way to upcycle it: organizer for our gardening and grilling tools! We now store this garden organizer in the patio for easy access to all the tools we need.

  • Garden tools, shovel, hand saw, and grilling accessories (all from Harbor Freight except the grilling tools were from Walmart)***
  • Old door 
  • Hooks and nails
  • Power drill
  • (optional) paint and paintbrush for the brushlettering on top
***Side note: we LOVE Harbor Freight! They have frequent coupons and freebies with a purchase. If there's one nearby you I highly recommend them above Home Depot or Lowe's for affordable hardware/tools/home improvement projects! Their selection is smaller but they have most of the basic tools. We also bought a hose and hose spray nozzle there. I don't get paid by Harbor Freight to recommend them--I just like their store a lot!!

We bought this 10 pack of storage hooks from Home Depot for about $12. We ended up using just 4 of the bigger hooks for the grilling accessories, the shovel, and hand saw. For the 4 small gardening tools we used nails since they are light and small and don't require heavy duty hooks.

I used acrylic green paint and a paintbrush to write "bloom" on the top of the organizer to give it some color. 

Lay out the gardening tools on the door to figure out how far to space them apart and how many rows of hooks to make. Mark with a pen/pencil. I placed the shovel and saw on the bottom of the door, because they are the longest and most likely to injure you if they fall (life as an ophthalmologist's wife means that I have to be extra paranoid about situations conducive to eye injuries). 

Drill small holes into each spot that you marked, then hammer the nails into each hole. I picked a drillbit slightly smaller than the width of the nails and hooks.

The storage hooks from Home Depot have screws on the end that I twisted into the drillbit holes that I made. Hang up the tools and that is it! Your very own custom garden tool organizer! I absolutely love the finished product because it keeps my tools off the ground and they are easily accessible when grilling or gardening.

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